Tension test

TT 0.5-5 kN

tension test

Cost-effective range of tension tests for performing tensile testing on a variety of highly flexible products and materials.

See the datasheet

See the datasheet


  • Sturdy Motorised Stand
  • Touch-screen Control or PC-based Control with powerful analysis software
  • A selection of appropriate accessories

TT 10-50 kN

tension test

Specifically designed tension tests used on large or high-load samples and products.

See the datasheet

See the datasheet


  • Tough Motorised Stand
  • Touch-screen Control or PC-based Control with powerful analysis software
  • A selection of appropriate accessories

A tension test ensures:

  • prescribed test standards have been met
  • limited possibility of catastrophic product failure
  • proof that quality standards are achieved

Key features:

  • Constant test speed - ensures repeatability
  • Fast return to start position - saves time
  • Systems from 0.5 N - 50 kN – suitable for most applications
  • Meets all current standards - reliability
  • Range of fixtures plus custom designs - flexibility
  • Traceable calibration - peace-of-mind


  • ASTM D412

  • ASTM D638

  • ASTM D882

  • ISO 37

  • ISO 527-5

Why choose Mecmesin?

Mecmesin has been involved in the supply of tension tests for over 35 years and have a comprehensive range of machines capable of producing forces between 5 N and 50 kN. We also provided dedicated and custom-designed accessories to meet all requirements.

Aside from the benefits of minimised product failure, Mecmesin tension test offer:

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • A range of tough motorised models
  • A choice of button, touch screen or PC-based control
  • A wide range of accessories
  • Custom-designed fixtures to match your specification
  • Versatility for multiple applications
  • Simple operation suitable for unskilled staff
  • Intuitive software requiring minimal training
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Results output to multiple formats for use with SPC and data analysis software
  • 24 month warranty on equipment
  • Factory calibration certificates included at no cost
  • Expert global after sales service


The variety of tension test demands a wide range of grips and accessories. For specialised requirements we offer a customised fixture design service to match your unique specification.
We recommend that you contact us to find the best accessory for your requirements.

Large pneumatic grips
for rapid grasping of
loads below 1 kN

2.5 kN wedge grips
for general-purpose
clenching of loads
below 2.5 kN

Two-way plane grips
for two- sided attachment
of loads below 2 kN

Webbing grip for
grasping heavy-duty
belts and straps

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