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Test Standards

Material and Product Tensile Property Test Standards.

A very wide range of tensile testing standards have been developed by organisation such as ASTM, BSI, DIN, ISO and MIL. Commonly used test standards include:

  • ASTM D412 : vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic elastomers - tension
  • ASTM D882 : tensile properties of thin plastic sheeting
  • ASTM D2105 : longitudinal tensile properties of 'fiberglass' (glass-fiber-reinforced thermosetting-resin) pipe and tube
  • ASTM D3574 : flexible cellular materials - slab, bonded, and molded urethane foams
  • ASTM D5034 : breaking strength and elongation of textile fabrics (grab test)
  • ISO 527-5 : plastics - determination of tensile properties - Part 5: test conditions for unidirectional fibre-reinforced plastic composites
  • ISO 1924-2 : paper and board - determination of tensile properties - Part 2: constant rate of elongation method (20 mm/min)

Standards relating to specific test groups such as pull, peel (including adhesives), tear (including fibres and textiles), and shear, are listed on those pages.For more about tensile testing, read this more detailed tensile testing principles page

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